Canadian Yankee
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Look! The first post!

Actually, I'm starting this blog following a guest-blogging stint over at my friend David's blog, Upside-down Hippopotamus. Here's a brief directory of those posts for anyone who's truly dedicated to archive sifting, in the now-classic reverse chronological order. Visit one, visit them all, sift through David's archives too!

7.30.2003 - Farewell and introduction to this blog.
7.29.2003 - Property taxes, small children, Lord of the Flies, butt tattoos.
7.27.2003 - Parents, bats.
7.24.2003 - The philosophy of Canadian immigration, Pakistani burritos.
7.22.2003 - Canadian visas, Mountie brutality, immigration quiz.
7.17.2003 - Worlds longest concert.
7.15.2003 - Low-rise jeans.
7.14.2003 - Charlie Sheen, angry scorpions, stupid lesbian jokes.
7.11.2003 - Rick "the temp" Campanelli.
7.10.2003 - SARS.

And last but not least, a post by David with a link to My cat, the conceptual artist, which I believe prompted the invitation to guest-blog:
6.25.2003 - Me!Me!Me! and my cat!cat!cat!

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